Emergency Lighting For Business Premises

Emergency lighting fitted and tested by Autoguard Alarms Ltd. An extensive range of light solution for your company’s Fire and Security Systems to meet ISO 30061 requirements .

Legal Requirements

It is essential that your emergency lighting system conforms to current UK and European regulations. Failure to do so could put you and your business at risk of court proceedings and large fines. More importantly, you may be risking lives if you do not strictly adhere to all aspects of safety in the workplace regarding the evacuation of premises. All of our Emergency Lighting Systems conform to ISO 30061:2007.

Resources to consider include:

  • The Building Regulations 2000-2005 Edition
  • The Fire Safety Order 2005
  • The Health & Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations 1996

Local authorities should also be consulted as they can often have safety licence requirements for certain types of premises (e.g. places where the public convene such as pubs and cinemas). Other types of premises (e.g. schools and hospitals) are required to have fire safety inspections.

Types of Emergency Lighting:

There are three main types of emergency lighting to consider for your premises:


Non-maintained emergency lighting will only be activated in the event of full power failure. This lighting cannot be used when the mains power is live. A mains-chargeable battery pack will power non-maintained lighting in an emergency.

Maintained emergency lighting can be set to stay on constantly and runs off of the mains power in normal conditions. In an emergency a rechargeable battery pack provides power. This type of lighting is popular where a multi-purpose lighting solution is required.

Sustained emergency lighting, with two sets of lamps, has evolved from non-maintained lighting. One set of lamps is powered by the mains, the other by batteries. In the event of power failure the mains powered set will go out and the battery powered set will illuminate.

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